Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'm doing a gallery wall for my stairs

Howdy friends!
So I've been insanely busy, and its odd to be busy even though I don't go to a 8-5 job. Nevertheless, I do find that there is a lot to be done. Including trying to make this new house a home.
So where else would one turn to for inspiration?
I have not been on it in months really. I guess I just lost interest in it? Or maybe I just read others finds on their blogs so I'm good to not go look for myself
Today I decided to go to goodwill and buy some thrifty frames to start on my very first gallery wall! I was successful and cannot wait to dive in and show it to you all. For now I'm in the "how am I ever going to decide which pics to use" phase. It may take awhile.
But here are some pins I found today.
I'm lazy so just look at my home board ha!

In other news, I am trying to plan our first Thanksgiving meal being gluten/dairy/egg/sugar free. Its been tricky but I have some ideas. If you have any food allergy tips, let me hear them for this holiday season!

Last thing, look on my sidebar for that pretty new ad for MrsRobinson Christmas gift guide! I'm in it and I cannot wait to see it all come together this friday.

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Laura Darling said...

I love gallery walls! I just have a small apartment now, but I can't wait to make one when I get a house someday!