Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Life in Northern Virginia...

So I have decided on a couple things now that I have lived in our new town for over a month.
For those of you who have been new to my blog 
or just plain forgot
The hubby was laid off from the Coast Guard and we were stuck in way south of Louisiana.
He needed a job.
We prayed and prayed.
God provided and we ended up moving to Annandale, Va.
Just about 10-15 min west of D.C.
My first time living in the "north".

I really do like it here.

The weather is so much cooler  and that I love!
Fall actually exists here.
I can wear my winter clothes already, which means I don't need shorts out anymore unlike the south.
Some of the roads near us are winding and just filled with trees every where and gorgeous houses.
There is so much more to do here including amazing malls, shops, restaurants (that are gluten free!) and just a metro ride away from even more fun in D.C.
A brand new super target just opened up 6 min away from us. I was there opening day, and it was so pretty you could eat off the ground!
I love how close Panera is, even though I cannot eat any of the yummy bagels or pastries.
A lot more churches to choose from.
We can live with only 1 car instead of 2! 
No noisy neighbors above us! 
No noisy neighbors next to us either. 
Wholefoods only 15 min away compared to hour and 10 min away.

The traffic is horrible most of the time. 
Construction = pain in the butt
With all the places we can go out to eat, we can only do so on the weekends otherwise you'll be stuck in traffic for a very long time.
Cost of living is a whole lot more in this area, but we are still getting a great deal. A 2 bed/1 bath apartment down the road from us is 1900 a month, where we have a 3 bed/4 bath town home for 1225 a month.
Tim doesn't get to work or home on time all the time because public transportation can be a pain and not show up. 
Diversity is cool, but hard at times if I don't understand what people are saying to me. 

I'm trying to use manual on my camera now, and learn to play with settings manually. 
These shots are my first with manual. 
I'm excited to go ahead and take some photography classes in the new year so I can further develop my hobby into something more. 

I'm also trying to find a local community theater to get involved with since I really do miss acting and singing. 
I have set many new goals for myself the next year and I cannot wait to reach them as best as I can!

P.S. I am saddened with the election results. I do not support many of Obama's values and issues. However, I try not to get into any bashing of other's people beliefs for who should be president. 
Why waste so much time, money, and energy on something temporary?
God is our King, and will be coming again soon to this earth to make every thing right. 
Doesn't it make more sense to focus putting our energy in the eternal things and share Christ's love and the Gospel to all?
We can do that daily, not just once every 4 years when we vote.



Kara said...

How fun! I'm in Southern Louisiana now, and will be moving back home to North Carolina in a few months. Can't wait to be out of this heat! Yes, even in November. ;)

Robin said...

How fun you're living so close to DC! I went to college there and miss i terribly. I would move back to that area in a heartbeat :) And I completely agree about panera. I'm gluten free too but I love going in there anyways!

Erin said...

It looks beautiful there!

I so agree about what you shared about the President - but Jesus certainly IS King :)

Love ya sister!