Friday, November 16, 2012

The "I'm so late share your style" post!!

Well poop.
I am SOOO late on posting this and I missed the deadline, but I'm going to share it anyways because I got some really pretty hair accessories from my new Instagram friend, Kelly. She has this pretty cool blog too so check it out friends. 

Maria and Nichelle hosted this neat bloggy swap that you make hair pretties and send them to a new friend that they matched you with. Here are a couple pics of the ones that Kelly gave to me. She's so much more crafty than I am or ever could be. I believe she makes something daily just for fun!

These were taken the same day that I was trying to shoot in manual on my camera. 
Its gonna take a lot more practicing, but hey, if I practice on inanimate things first, then that should be easier, right? 

So I love to mix and match the headbands and have shared a pic of me wearing one on my instagram.
Find me: GingerpeachT

Well, I'm off to set up a posh party for tonight!! 
Have a lovely weekend and thanks so much, Kelly! :-) 

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Kelly - TheNODramaMama said...

Glad you like them! :)

ylenia said...

Hey nice blog here! Visit mine and let me know what you think, maybe we could follow each other!