Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bye Bye 23 and Hello 24!

This post is really late considering my 24th bday was on the 19th!
My hubby planned a whole day of pampering for me or doing whatever my little heart desired. 
He even said that if I told him to dance like a crazy guy for 5 min straight that he would.
I obviously had to test this, but I graciously allowed him to stop after 1 min.
 But plans got delayed a day because of random stupid issues. 
Issues that I don't even remember now. 
But one of them did include finding out that the Gluten/dairy free bread mix I've been using for months, actually wasn't dairy free. 
This was totally disgusting news to my ears because I could have sworn it was safe for me, and yet it wasn't and only God knows how long its been making me sick. 
We did find another mix to make me bread, and I like it better because its change.

I also had time the past weeks to really soak it in the fact that I'm no longer 23, but another year older.
Another year closer to those comments of 
"when are you going to have kids?" (Husband says Yes, eventually)
"Should you still be wearing Junior clothes?" (They still fit. Dont be jealous)
"When are you going to get a real job" (I have a real job. it makes real money)
all those were added by my hubby when I wasn't looking.
Just turned 23
Houma, LA

As I reflect on my 23rd year of life on this earth I have realized that its been a tough one.
But also a rewarding one when I found some answers to a long overdue issue.
I remembered exactly what I did when we celebrated my 23 bday.
I wanted to have Olive Garden and just gorge myself with carbs and gluten. 
I love them so so much.
also cookie cake because thats just amazing. 
But later that night and the next few days I was feeling so sick. 
And that was my clue to try and cut out the gluten in my life. 
So if you are interested to read my journey of gluten free and beyond, find those labels on the sidebar. 

Other events that have happened this past year:
 my best friend from FL got engaged! 
And she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. 
Destination wedding in St. Augustine to come this May woohoo!
I graduated from Bible College last Jan!

Through a couple stressful months of unemployment and learning to trust God completely,
God provided Tim a new job and we moved!
Before moving we decided to be sorta spontaneous and roadtrip to Memphis, TN
I learned a lot on that trip

We experience our first bed bug fiasco at our new place (poor Tim) 
And have discovered that I loved getting settled in our new city here and here

Yes, my 23rd year has lots of memories of dealing with a new lifestyle of eating.
Cooking almost every night because the limited places to eat out.
And lots of cravings for cheese in general.
But it was a learning year for me.
I learned to be more disciplined. 
I learned to trust God when we had no jobs or income, that He would provide.
I learned to move again in a big city and meet new people.
I learned to be thankful for some answers.

And I can say that being 24 has been kick butt awesome! 
We went on a ski trip with some friends which I will share more of soon. :-)

Do you have a winter bday and what have you learned from gaining another year? 

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Mrs. Pedersen said...

What a year! Happy birthday! :)