Monday, February 11, 2013

Our December in photos (2012)

The main reason why I wanted to start this blog was to be able to share my life story as I became an old married woman. Of course when the holidays come and go so quickly as you grow up, I tried to relish in every moment. 
Needless to say, I didn't get the chance to blog about these moments of our lives. 
So yes, a whole 2 months later I am going to share our December of 2012! Many firsts happened and plenty of surprises along the way.
(And if your new around here...welcome! This is my life :-)

My Mother in law took me out to see the historic town of Alexandria, VA
Lots of fun shops to peruse and a yummy meal at the old Gadsby's Tavern.
I was a bit nervous to eat out at a new place considering my food intolerances, but this chicken salad was quite amazing. And my tummy remained happy! 

The hubby and I were able to buy a new sectional since we have moved into our new place! 
It was quite a deal from this small store. Because we moved from a 1 story apartment to a 3 story town house, we were in need of some more furniture. Its in our basement along with our entertainment center and I absolutely love the bright red color!

We prepped for Christmas and this is just one of the few pics I had of our real tree

Dressing up for church this month included pretty pink lace tights

I absolutely love the Mosaic District shopping area near our house that decorated a winter wonderland! 
This is where we go to Target along with other fun places like the fancy movie place from this post and Chipotle and smaller shops!

Also decided to start painting our spare room dark red....Its just about finished now and will show the after shots later!

I also got new glasses that I feel like fit my face better 
started to wear contacts for the first time! Another very odd experience but it was well worth learning 

The hubby was so awesome to have surprised me with a Michael Kors watch that I wanted this year for my main gift. Actually...I figured it out before Christmas, so thats why he let me open it early hehe

All dressed up for Christmas Eve with Tim's family.

Unfortunately it was a late night because his parents were stuck in DC traffic for 2 hours because of a car pile up! They weren't moving for 2 hours....I would have had a panic attack!

Christmas Morning just the two of us :-) 
How I like it!

And the ultimate event was how I planned a surprise Bday party for Tim by contacting his BFF from Boston to come down and spend a few days with us! 
Tim's bday was on the 30th while his mom's is the 31st. So it was a joint party/new years eve celebration! I did all the decorating the few hours I had Tim out of the house. It was stressful but Tim was thoroughly impressed that I kept my mouth shut about it for that whole month! 
Tim was very surprised and happy to have seen his friend too :-)

I made vegan gluten free fudgey brownies, that were way too gooey. 
They still tasted yummy.

Yep, a handmade book bunting banner. It totally wasn't going to plan, but it was perfect for our little party 

If you still made it through to the end, Congrats! 
I can't wait to share with you about our January ski trip we had for my Bday! 
If you have instagram, most of these look familiar, sorry! 
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Have a lovely monday!


Kaitlyn said...

Love all these pictures! You and your hubby are too cute! And have (very belated birthday to him and you!) My birthday is Dec. 24th!

So glad to get to "meet" so many great blogging friends in the DC area!

Mrs. Pedersen said...

Looks like you had a wonderful holiday season. :) Love all the pictures!