Monday, March 18, 2013

First couples ski retreat!

First of all I would like to say that January was flipping awesome. 
It was way better than February and march. 
I had such high hopes for march being great, but it's been filled with Tim being sick, then me being sick and we are still sick! 
So to remember how awesome January, my bday month, was...I'm going to share our ski trip! 

I've always had dreams about going on a ski trip with other couples. 
When I was younger, I was just such a dreamer of sipping hot cocoa by a huge fireplace, having a handsome hubby with his arms wrapped around me.
Playing card games with a few close friends and just enjoying the company. 
Then hitting the slopes with friends and having a great time. 
And finally for my 24th bday, this trip became a reality. 
Granted, it didn't exactly go as planned as I had envisioned for so many years, but it was still a blast and I can't wait to do it again. 

To preface this trip I have to say that we had invited a couple that I met online. 
I never thought I would develop such a close friendship with someone meeting online, but it's been a couple years now that I met this girl, and we have clicked so well in many ways. 
Her and her hubby let us stay with them a couple days back in sept when we were driving to our new place near DC. What's even more awesome is how our hubbies actually like each other too! 
So I thought for my main bday gift, I wanted to go skiing at snowshoe mtn, WV. 
I hadn't been there in 9 years and we only live a little under 5 hours from there now. 
Our friends live 6 hours from there, so it was pretty much in the middle for the both of us and we planned our mini trip for 3 days. 

We really had no idea what we were getting ourselves into as the temps while we were there dropped and it was so windy! 
It was around -20 F with the windchill on both days we skied. 
This was the type of weather that we had to cover every inch of our skin, otherwise we would be numb and in pain if we stayed out too long. 

There wasn't quite enough snow for all the trails to be open, but we sure made the best with it. 
We stayed at a condo right on the mtn that way we could ski right back door, but there wasn't enough snow to at the time. 

 We had brought our food to make at our place to save money and it turned out great! 
Homemade beef stew after a day of skiing in such windy conditions? Yes, that soothed the soul. :-)
We played some card games, and we educated our friends on the show How I met your mother 
We wanted to explore the village area of the mtn and the comedy club, but we were so sore and tired from skiing we ended up staying at the condo at night. 
We skied on a tues and wed so the slopes were practically empty! 


 It's amazing how small the mtn seemed going back this time, compared to all the other times as a kid with my family. 
I am so blessed to be able to experience grown up and with great friends that I have made that will last a lifetime. 



 Our balcony at the back facing the slopes 


 It snowed 9 inches the day we left, I really didn't want to leave because the conditions would have been so great for the next day. Oh well, things can't be perfect. :-) 
Until next year, snowshoe mtn, we will be back and conquer you again. 




Bon Bon said...

Sounds like a perfect little getaway! xoxo

Stesha Jordan said...

what a great trip, I wanna start this with friends too!! love it, & glad you came over to the blog today!


Jennifer Blair said...

What fun! I've never been skiing but I've always wanted to go! Beef stew does sound amazing after being out in the cold!