Monday, July 15, 2013

Finding My Voice again

Hello Dear Readers,
It has been months since I've written on this blog space of mine and its only because I have had less time to devote to writing. 
I didn't want to write just because I should update this, but needed to feel inspired and I have found my inspiration finally!
Here's somewhat of a breakdown of the past 4 months!
I was able to experience for the first time a couple days of snow fall here during spring!
Now that is so crazy when you are a florida girl, but I loved having the cold weather last. Actually the cold weather lasted well into the end of May. Call me completely shocked to have the chance to wear jeans still almost into June.

 I also discovered how magical Anthropologie is to visit...
I did so almost weekly this past spring and scored some pretty great sales. Even Tim was a fan of the place and wants to get some china from here that is nautical themed. Still havent yet but Im sure we will soon!

I had the pleasure to go back home to the Clearwater Area and spend around 5 days with my family and some long lost friends of mine. This was the first time in a long time that I visited and needed to find food that I could actually eat. I did some research and tried out Serendipity Cafe and was sold! Completely Gluten free and pretty much dairy free. I couldn't have the yummy french toast because it had egg in it, but what i did have was fabulous! Vegan maple cornbread muffin with potatoes and turkey bacon. I was a happy camper that day

While I was there I totally had my friend, Val, color my hair, ombre style. I loved how it came out and it was so fun! I also decided to go back to my old middle/high school and say hi to my Choir director! It was so odd to be walking around those halls again and to see the history from my days and before my time still hanging on those walls. The pictures and trophies brought back so many memories. Even the Les Miserables poster from my Junior year was still there and we all signed it. I cherish the times I had there and really appreciate the great teachers like Mrs Farver to take advantage the gift of music.

This was also my first spring here outside of the DC area, and we went out to see the cherry blossoms in person. These pics were just from our neighborhood. Its breath taking here and I thank God for it every day! I may miss the ocean, but I love having the seasons now.

Avery has really come a long way in our potty training. Hes not totally house trained but hes so close to being there! I never really thought I'd love a dog so much, but this puppy is just a sweet heart and I love having him with me all the time. Hes sleeping on my lap as I type hehe

In the end of May we flew back to Florida for my best friend's wedding in St. Augustine.
It was a whirlwind of a trip and things deff didn't go as planned. Including a horrible hotel that we payed so much for and yet we had to switch rooms while we were there (we were only there 2 nights even!) and most of the other bride's family switched rooms 3 times! We were late to the wedding, but it was a beautiful night and my favorite part was actually just having heart to heart talks with my old college friends :-) 


This month brought me more piano students, hotter temps, and the decision to start working out!
I've been subbing for a couple other coworkers on would teach  their students for a couple times. And I've also added a few of my own students which is exciting for me and fun to get some extra money.
The heat is deff bringing back summer memories of when I used to get together with my old friends back in Fl and how we would spend hours on the beach just playing volleyball and being chased by the boys.
Its amazing how a song will bring back memories and how I'm creating more memories now.
I decided that I needed a change, so when that happens, I normally change my hair.
This was the shortest Ive ever gone and I. LOVE. IT

We've been going to another church near us that we were told by a couple other friends of ours that we should try. I'm still awaiting for my one coworker/friend to come back to town so we can go to church together, but seeing this gorgeous sunset back in June made me realize how amazing God works.
He's provided a job not only for Tim, but for myself and this time last year we were unemployed, making no money for 3 months.
He's provided us a great dog that brings me joy on the days when my stomach is not so good.
He's provided a great organic market just 10 min away with food that I can actually eat!
He consistently gives me little blessings and I'm so thankful.
Yes, I still have horrible days, trials, and moments where I feel like I can't do it, but I overcame because He has overcome this world, and we will reign with Him soon enough!



(Ri)Charmed said...

It has been an eventful past few months for you! I can tell you July in Clearwater is not nearly as pleasant as April this year.

(Ri)Charmed said...

It has been an eventful past few months for you! I can tell you July in Clearwater is not nearly as pleasant as April this year.

Kimberly said...

Loved your ombre hair and it looks fantastic short, as well. Whenever I feel like a change, I change my hair, too!:)